Le Chemiseur® is the tailor-made shirts brand with the highest growth in France.

Le Chemiseur® created the patented “cut key” to make tailor-made shirt creation simple and fun, using one of your current shirts. 

Atelier NA is the leading brand for made-to-measure shirts and suits, accessible to all thanks to an unique 3D scanner.

Loom has one goal: make you buy less but better. Fibers, weaving, seams: this brand analyses every aspect of your clothes to truly understand what makes them qualitative and therefore design apparels made to last.

The bespoke tailor offers 2 ways of making your made-to-measure shirt: semi-traditional and traditional. The first one will meet the needs of those who are looking for a very high quality garment with amazingly meticulous finishes. The second one has been designed for purists who expect a unique shirt, entirely handcrafted, with extraordinary details...

Shirt n belt has created the first shirt in the world that always stays tucked in.

Labfresh is a Dutch brand of men's clothing designed for an active life. Thanks to its minimalist style and choice of innovative materials, it has become the most backed fashion project in Dutch crowdfunding history.


Elisabeth de Senneville is a tech-designer renown for textile research, innovation and new technologies.

TEIJA label is a study of practical utility that juxtaposes couture and urban daywear creating a unique subversive aesthetic.

The Nordic spirit of refined everyday influences the designs in the use of highly specialised, mostly cotton, fabrics from Europe and Japan together with cutting edge craftsmanship. This Finnish minimalism creates space for the more advanced, carefully measured silhouette and cut that seeks to redefine contemporary fashion.

All the looks are developed with traditional techniques yet with modern urban edge which shows in the engineered outer and internal structure. Thus creating everyday pieces of distinct quality and feel.